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Dark Negative Anti-Social - 2006-2016

Thank you for everything!

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Denied / SharKs - Application
« on: February 04, 2013, 12:14:09 »
DnA Application Form

About SharKs

What previous nicknames have you used?

How old are you?*

What country do you live in?*

VC:MP History

How long have you played VC:MP?*
From 2010

What previous clans have you been in?*

Dark Negative Anti-Social

Which DnA Member(s) do you know?

How do you know the member(s) you have listed?
DnA Guys are Really PRO's all are mods in LW exept: gudio,canavel,Abdi.... But everyone is a really skilled killers.

Why do you want to join DnA?
I im intrested in DnA. I will be DeaD n Alive to kill all players. SOon i will get 10000 Kills :)

If accepted, what could you offer the clan?*
I will thank you all and i will be thankfull. I will say jokes for and make all happy :D


Do you have any scripting experience?

Do you have any addition information?
I live in tamil nadu. i dont see more players playing in VCMP with tamil i knew just few, say me if u are tamil.
Im little big slow in english :(

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