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Author Topic: Changes to Clan Administration | IMPORTANT  (Read 1500 times)

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    Changes to Clan Administration | IMPORTANT
    « on: October 04, 2014, 17:02:22 »
    Effective from today, there will be some big changes to the administration of the clan:

    Clan Administration:
    • Baldachyn and Ryz will be stepping down as Clan Administrators and becoming 'Advisors' for the clan, they will help out by giving advice if and when needed and will not be involved in the administration of the clan.
    • Ryz will primarily become a Webmaster for the forum and have no involvement with the administration of the clan.
    • Avenger will become a Clan Administrator/Leader for DnA and another member will be promoted as soon as a decision has been made.
    • Darfy and Yaceq will currently remain as Administrators unless stated otherwise.

    Baldachyn and myself have decided to step down due to a lack of time, interest and motivation for DnA. We have real-life responsibility which effect the amount of time and effort that we an provide for the clan and as such we feel that some new administrators would be vital to continue the success of the clan. We won't be disappearing, we will still be active around the forum and IRC and will help to advise the clan if needed and I will continue to maintain the forum.

    We are both very proud to have been able to be a part of such a fantastic clan and we believe that the new admins have what it takes to keep the clan up and running.

    Thanks and good luck to every single DnA member, without you DnA wouldn't be the clan that it is today.

    Congratulations to Avenger - DnA's newest Clan Administrator!
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