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Author Topic: Littlewhitey's Unturned server. [FREE MULTIPLAYER GAME ON STEAM!]  (Read 1069 times)

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  • Bhai

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    Hi everybody! Currently there is a new Littlewhitey's unturned server available for everyone online to play!

    Unturned is a FREE multiplayer zombie survival game which can be downloaded through Steam for absolutely nothing. All you need is a Steam account which can also be registered for free if you don't already have one.

    Despite it's childish look do not let it deceive you, Unturned at first can be a very punishing game if you make a wrong move...

    The aim of the game is to survive. You'll need to scavenge the map for items and supplies ranging from food, drink, weapons and materials whilst killing or avoiding threats such as zombies and other players on the server if they're hostile. Players can team up together or go solo, creating bases is a part of the game. Creating bases allow players to store valuable loot/items that you have collected and in general a place for defense. Vehicles in the server ranging from boats, cars, bikes and helicopters can also be obtained and used to travel around the map but be wary fuel is a precious item!

    By killing zombies and doing things you gain experience points, these points can be added to upgrade your characters skills but be careful each time you die you lose 50% of your gained skills!

    If you're bored or getting frustrated with VC-MP/SA-MP/MTA Race then come try our Unturned server it might just be the break you need! It also may provide you the opportunity to integrate and meet players from other games on the Littlewhitey community that you would not normally meet if you played only played one of San Andreas/Vice City Multiplayer.

    The server is currently temporary and experimental. If the server has a steady rate of players and becomes popularly used then it may become more permanent. Their are currently only 12 slots available on the server however this may also increase in future depending on the demand.






    You can join the Littlewhitey's unturned server by the following steps!

    1. Create a free steam account here and download the steam client. https://store.steampowered.com/join/
    2. Download Unturned from the store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/304930/
    3. Once it has downloaded, launch the game.
    4. On the main menu click the "Survivors" button on the left then create a new character. (Be sure to give your character a proper name.)
    5. From the main menu click "Play" then click "Connect" and type in the following server details as shown below:

    Port: 27015
    Password: smallwhitey

    Hit connect! A loading screen should appear connecting you to the server. The server uses a custom map of size (30mb) which will be automatically downloaded on your first connect, please be patient and hopefully it shouldn't take too long in future when you connect again! The server is hosted by VRocker-Hosting.co.uk so we should get a very nice connection!


    Unturned has a quite a bit of a learning curve to begin with so patience is key! Some of the more in depth mechanics require a bit of learning and understanding. If you're unsure about something throw it into google or youtube or ask someone else on the server that may have more experience with the game!

    The Unturned wiki has quite a lot of knowledge stored away here so try searching here: http://unturned.wikia.com/wiki/Unturned_Bunker_Wiki

    The map that is currently on the server is " Washington " a full map of the area can be seen below:

    Click here for full size image.

    Each time a player spawns they will spawn with a few items to start you off on your survival. These items include:

    Bandage - heals a small amount of health when you are hurt or can be used to stop bleeding.
    Water - Keeps your thirst levels low when you get thirsty!
    Tin of beans - Keeps your hunger levels low when you get hungry!
    Clothes - because who wants to spawn butt naked every time?
    GPS/Chart - A map which can be accessed by the inventory.
    Flare - for when it gets dark

    Tip: Find a backpack to be able to carry more stuff! Sleeping bags can also be found on the map which allow you to set your respawn point when you die but be careful other players can claim your sleeping bag if they find it so be sure to hide it away somewhere safe!

    Some general controls to help you get rollin' (Can be changed by the options menu ingame):

    WASD - Movement
    Spacebar - Jump
    Left shift - Sprint
    Crouch - X
    Prone - Z
    Q/E - Lean Left/Lean Right
    H - Change between first person view/third person view
    C - Gestures such as Wave, Point, Surrender, Salute, Rest, Facepalm.
    ENTER - Chatbox
    F - Interact (Enter vehicles, pick up items, open doors etc)
    G - Inventory
    U - Skills
    Y - Crafting
    M - Map
    P - Players
    Left Alt - Voice Over IP (push to talk)

    Last but not least...

    The IRC channel #littlewhitey-unturned can be accessed at "irc.liberty-unleashed.co.uk:6667". Please feel free to use this channel to arrange game sessions or ask for help if you are unsure about something ingame! You may also use the board to post topics regarding anything related to the server or the game itself. Soon we will have an echo channel up which will mirror the activity in the server to allow for communication via IRC to and from the server.

    Have fun!
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  • Abdi

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    No thank you  ::)

  • Bryce

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    Glorious job bringing this server, gonna try sometime soon :)

  • Milko

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    Glorious job bringing this server, gonna try sometime soon :)

    Denied, reason lag like there's no tomorrow.

  • Jellyfish

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    Is this locked at 30 fps as well? :)

  • Bhai

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    Is this locked at 30 fps as well? :)