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Vice City Multiplayer / Evolution A/D League
« on: July 02, 2016, 21:35:16 »

What is EAD League?
This League is based on groups where one group will be fighting against the another group in a match. The group which earns more points will be the winner. The base can be chosen by the group leader (you can only choose one base). A group/team will be defending their base twice while the opponent team will be attacking it (twice).

How to register for the league?
A group should consist of members starting from the range 5 to 9, which can be a mixture of same clan members with other members.
You can click here to register your team for the league.
What are the rules for the league?
To study about the rules of the league you need to read this post.
Information regarding referee
The applications for EAD League referee is open, feel free to apply on forum. Once you get selected as a referee, you will be given rights to access the referee commands in game as well as a badge in forum.
A certain amount of referee experience is required to apply.
If you feel that you are capable of handling a referee position, then you may apply here.

Information regarding bases
A team is supposed to select a base, the base which they chooses will be attacked by the opponent team. A team can only select one base out of 40 bases, the base chosen by a team is set for that team, which means it cannot be choosed for other teams.
The list of bases can be found here.

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