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Dark Negative Anti-Social - 2006-2016

Thank you for everything!

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2013 / Me and VC:MP
« on: January 28, 2013, 21:20:06 »
I haven't seen any other topic showing some vcmp gameplay so i didn't knew where to post it, but i guess it is a good board. This is me playing vcmp in lw and other servers... hope you like it!! (try to watch in HD to be able to see my poor after effects because in 360p the whole video looks terrible  :) )

Accepted / Juan17 - Application
« on: January 08, 2013, 17:42:15 »
DnA Application Form

About Juan17

What previous nicknames have you used?
(BKS)Juan*, JuanSito*

How old are you?*

What country do you live in?*

VC:MP History

How long have you played VC:MP?*
almost 2.5 years

What previous clans have you been in?*

Dark Negative Anti-Social

Which DnA Member(s) do you know?
Alphazor, Bryce, Forgive, Avenger, Canaveral

How do you know the member(s) you have listed?
they are nice guys and i always see them playing. I don't kill them and they dont kill me, (i just fight with bryce, but that doesnt mean hes my enemy, please, you know how it works) just like that

Why do you want to join DnA?
Well i'm a respectful player who just like to play, this means, kill and get killed, that simple. I have been improving my skills and attitude since i started playing this game, like i do with all the games i play. I'll be honest, i discovered littlewhiteys server and i changed my style to play, not using any kind of glitch anymore and guess what, if u discover its secrets, it rocks more than the glitching style. I can see in DnA clan a lot of potential and i think it IS and WILL BE a great clan, due to his members and their skills/attitudes, thats why i want to join the clan, and show u that i can be a good member too.

If accepted, what could you offer the clan?*
first at all, of course i will be available to anything u ask me, and ill help the most i can to the clan. Ill keep playing like i do, and this is not just about "stats", it is about keep with my attitude and dont dissapoint anyone.


Do you have any scripting experience?

Do you have any addition information?
i'm living in Argentina and maybe my english isnt perfect, but be sure i understand everything u say. I play SAMP too.

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