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Author Topic: Extreme Addicts 0.4: Releasing next weekend (Saturday 3rd October)  (Read 8029 times)

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    After practically a year of planning, brainstorming, and effort to bring back this community, we are very excited to announce that Extreme Addicts will be launched officially this weekend 3/10/15 (Saturday -  12:00 PM - GMT 0)
    We will offer a brand new development team and staff, server platform, restyled, and innovated according on what VC:MP 0.4 features tender, in order to give a dynamic way of TDMing besides of the classic gamemodes you could have ever played.

    As a new way to include every player into the server atmosphere, whether they belong to a clan or not, EA introduces The Crews which is one of the hardcore features of this new server version, where players will be able to create such groups, and later on, compete each other to take over 11 Territories all around Vice City. Nevertheless, EAnut v1.0 goes even beyond that. EA has expanded its horizons to include RPG and Freeroam elements as The Spots which are basically separated worlds from the main server hotspot, Stunting Spots & Social Spots.

    From the classic and old features like Battle Mode, EMS, XPs, to custom vehicles such as Ferraris and Rustlers available for EA Club members, achievements to be unlocked, and even more to come upon...

    We advise you stay in touch with EA's new website which is going to be unlocked soon, also stick around IRC @LUNet #extreme-addicts.echo, and add this IP to your favs tab.

    Hope to see all you palyes roaming around the EA streets once again from this weekend  :)

    And welcome back to the Addiction!
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