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Author Topic: Army vs Terrorists Server 0.4  (Read 8561 times)

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    Army vs Terrorists Server 0.4
    « on: April 09, 2016, 14:28:06 »

    Army vs Terrorists is a server based on San Andreas Multiplayer and Counter-Strike, where there will be two teams an Army (blue) and a Terrorist (red). The Terrorists will spawn at Escobar International Airport and  The Army at the Army base. The job of Terrorists is to plant bomb the plant at the dome of the Army base (the route to the dome can be found in an icon at the radar/map), the terrorist can either plant the bomb by right click button of the mouse (RMB) or by the command /plantbomb. The team will receive +20 score if the bomb gets exploded when none of the Army defuses the bomb. Along with this there are also bases which can be captured by any team either the terrorist or the army, will gain +20 score for the team. The players can heal only by the pickup which is located at the West-Haven Healthcare Center Vice City.

    Server Information
    Forum: www.avt-server.tk
    Scripted By: Mashreq/Steam
    Hosted By: Gudio
    IRC: #AvT-server @ LUnet
    Staff List: Click!

    A screenshot which shows the map

    Credits to Pumak47