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Thank you for everything!

Author Topic: A change to the clan administration  (Read 8067 times)

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    A change to the clan administration
    « on: June 04, 2016, 18:23:20 »
    I have decided to drop the role of an administrator and joining Ryz and Baldachyn as an advisor for the clan. This means I will no longer be involved in the clans business the way I used to. As an advisor my say might still hold value if specifically asked for an advice or opinion, but I will not be involved in making final decisions of any kind.

    I have my reasons for stepping down, biggest of them being lack of time for VC-MP and games in general. Most of you probably noticed I've been away for the past two months or so, and I'm not planning on fully returning any time soon. Probably never. So I can't give this clan and this community the attention it deserves. I've got my responsibilities in real life and they pretty my demand my full focus leaving me with very little spare time which I right now rather spend doing something else than playing games. I won't be completely disappearing anyway, I'll still remain as a manager for littlewhitey's and I'll try visiting the community forums daily as well as checking out IRC.

    As of right now we have not named a member to take my place as an administrator, leaving just Avenger and Yaceq in charge of the clan

    My friends and members of DnA, the current and the past, I thank you for these fine years and good memories. Take care all!!
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