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Dark Negative Anti-Social - 2006-2016

Thank you for everything!

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News / Re: Dark Negative Anti-Social has been retired. [2006-2016]
« Last post by Eddy on July 07, 2016, 02:25:17 »
Without doubt one of the best clan of Vice City Multiplayer, spend a great time with some of its members, good luck to wherever they go and hope to continue to have good times with the ex members who are close to me.

Thank you for hosting the XAD League, which in my eyes was the pinnacle of competitive A/D on VC:MP
The best a/d tournament on vcmp until now!
News / Re: Dark Negative Anti-Social has been retired. [2006-2016]
« Last post by Charley on July 06, 2016, 19:08:12 »
[DnA]Overdose was one of the first people I spoke to when I joined VC:MP in 2008. It was on Littlewhitey's, and he taught me about the system of buying and selling cars. If I saved up $50k and sent it to him, he said, he'd share with me his FBI Rancher. I played for about two weeks to save up the money, and when I saw him next, I gave it to him. He shared with me the Rancher, and I was happy. Two days later I logged on to find that he'd unshared it, and when I asked him about it, he just told me to fuck off. That dude was an asshole.

I came to dislike DnA after my experience with Overdose, seeing it as an elitist group of arrogant dickheads. (In fact, later on, the ethos underpinning DnA and the other dominant clans of the time (KFJ and UST) was exactly the ethos that I formed VU in opposition to.) But soon after meeting Overdose I met Baldachyn, E6GA, RoWely, Bugsy, Fanan and eventually Ryz. These guys were some of the coolest, friendliest, most interesting people I'd come across in VC:MP. They weren't as elitist as I'd perceived the clan to have been, they just wanted to keep their family small and their friends close.

I don't think I've ever really liked DnA as a clan, but I've definitely liked its members. You guys have been bastions of skill, goodwill and level-headedness in this community, and if you leave with the clan, you will be sorely missed.
News / Re: Dark Negative Anti-Social has been retired. [2006-2016]
« Last post by Klaus on July 06, 2016, 18:17:22 »
I have much respect for DnA and so hearing that the clan is closing is a great shame. I first came to know this clan when Avenger left EAF in order to join DnA. He must have seen the potential that this clan had, something at the time I couldn't honestly understand up until I met a couple of the members. Members such as Darfy, Balda, Gudio, etc. were some of the most respectable and honourable people I have ever met in the community up until now.

Thank you for hosting the XAD League, which in my eyes was the pinnacle of competitive A/D on VC:MP. Our last match was a surprising victory, but you all fought so honourably and it was one of the most enjoyable A/D matches that I personally have participated in. I have massive amounts of respect for all of you and I am confident that DnA's reputation will be forever cemented in this community for years to come. I hope this is not the end of VC:MP for some of you but if it is then farewell from me.
News / Re: Dark Negative Anti-Social has been retired. [2006-2016]
« Last post by Sevrin on July 05, 2016, 16:11:02 »
One of the great families in VC:MP, wish you all the best of luck in future!
News / Re: Dark Negative Anti-Social has been retired. [2006-2016]
« Last post by Yaceq on July 05, 2016, 10:41:16 »
Reading Ryz's text and all your posts brought tears to my eyes. Really... I was totally inactive last months, didn't take part in clan life but now I feel very sad, like I lost something. Something I loved.

Some can say it was only clan, virtual group of players. But definitely not for me. It was great adventure, joining DnA in 2006, reactivating it with Baladchyn and Darfy in 2010. BTW, if somebody had told me then that DnA would become so powerful clan in the following years, I wouldn't have believed. What happened later to DnA was unbelievable for me. But it's also thanks to Ryz, Crys and Avenger who cared about clan/forum/IRC.

I'd like to thank especially these guys mentioned above. You did great job, we wouldn't be in the place we were/are without you. Also thanks a lot to everybody who took part in this adventure, who helped us keeping clan alive, who represented us in VC-MP servers throughout these years. Thank you!

I asked myself what had made DnA so popular, so unique, so wonderful. It turned out to be very easy question. The answer is - YOU ALL, our DnA community. Looking into our roster bring me so many good memories. Old times in Littlewhitey's, organization of XAD League (thanks Gudio!), destroying nubs in XAD with RPG (:D), organization of 0.1d and 0.2 events, having fun in-game and chatting on IRC... And it all with the best players in VC-MP. I can say more - not just players but friends, good friends. This made DnA so unique! We weren't just group of players killing others in game. We weren't only game clan. But also group of friends, who were/are here not only to play, but also to talk with each other and have fun.

I will never forget you.
All good things must come to an end...
But adventure with DnA wasn't just good, it was absolutely amazing!
- Yaceq

P.S. To remind yourself old times I encourage you to watch video from 0.1d event:
News / Re: Dark Negative Anti-Social has been retired. [2006-2016]
« Last post by jU_ on July 05, 2016, 06:50:26 »
Well actually i didnt expect it, and yeah its sad for me as well since this is the clan ive been in the most time. Its also pretty obvious this was 1 of the best clans in this game's history if not the best, I always liked the tag and that stuff since i started playing VCMP back in 08 and joined LW seeing those clans like KFJ DnA UST KoO etc....... never thought at that moment i could get in like i did.

I also liked this clan because of the people, that couldnt be greater also had mates that i was with in other clans in the past and shared a lot of good moments, so theres no much left to say it was an honour to be here and  thanks for everything current and past members.

See you DnA mates and see you ingame those who still play VCMP even tho it was funnier in older times and versions.
News / Re: Dark Negative Anti-Social has been retired. [2006-2016]
« Last post by Jellyfish on July 05, 2016, 06:45:33 »
Despite the fact that the clans been stagnant and we've all been fairly inactive over time, just reading this, it's hard to let go and realise it's finally coming to an end. I was really excited when Edga invited me and to my surprise (and baldachyn's lel) was accepted so quickly. I've met amazing people in the clan and early on it was perhaps the only reason I was somewhat active in VCMP. Wish everyone the best in whatever they choose to do and hope we'll all still stay in touch in one form or another. There have been some great memories in the clan and I'm glad I got to share that with you guys.

<3 you all
News / Re: Dark Negative Anti-Social has been retired. [2006-2016]
« Last post by HeisenBerg_Thomas on July 04, 2016, 23:51:09 »
Alot of good memories although i am currently evading a forum ban but it's worth it. its sad to see it go. i can never forget the days i had with them on IRC and in-game. uncountable moments of joy.Well end is inevitable so it is. this was unexpected though, its too early and in mid of a year and my 5 year ( do not apply with-in 5 years) has been void. but still i believe DnA has roots in development and activeness of vc-mp. without it, the VC-MP would've been like LU.
good luck players wish you all a good future.
News / Re: Dark Negative Anti-Social has been retired. [2006-2016]
« Last post by Baldachyn on July 04, 2016, 23:26:17 »
It´s hard to find the right words when you are saying good bye to something you had cared for.

Gives me chills to see the list of our past and present members, some of them long gone, makes me
wondering where life has led them.

DnA will remain more than just a clan in gaminng enviroment.
It´s been a great journey, lets do not forget the good moments of it.

10 years, feels like a moment...

                             Wish you all the best in your future endeavours

                                                                                   - Baldachyn
News / Re: Dark Negative Anti-Social has been retired. [2006-2016]
« Last post by Gudio on July 04, 2016, 22:10:04 »
I was wondering if I shall comment DnA's retirement or leave it to show how inactive we were. After talking with Yaceq and Baldachyn I finally decided to write a few sentences.

I saw that coming, really. Admins became advisors, Avenger was the only one active admin. We really could notice slow death incoming. People started leaving VC-MP community in 2014. We really had a mature players who, I guess, have grown enough to spend less time playing VC-MP or to leave.

Dark Negative Anti-Social was the clan I honestly wanted to be in. I have met a lot of great people. Playing and talking with them were pure pleasure. DnA was very likeable clan - top of LUNet channels. We did well for the community like others clan should do before retirement. Our responsibilities have been fulfilled properly.

I am happy that DnA will not be associated as a clan with old, inactive pricks anymore. Please remember we can always visit #DnA on LUNet to have some talks.

If DnA hadn't been reactivated, I would have left VC-MP earlier.
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